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AV Soft Introduces DriveScrubber


AV Software Pvt. Ltd. (AV Soft), introduces the latest version of iolo technologies’ award-winning product in India.

DriveScrubber is popular personal security software that securely wipes data from hard drives, removable media, cameras and other devices and protects against hackers and identity thieves. Using DriveScrubber, customers can securely wipe all contents of a PC or drive when upgrading to a new computer or new operating system.

DriveScrubber uses military-approved methods for securely removing files and data from hard drives and other storage devices. It offers various levels of data removal, ranging from a quick one-pass method that protects against basic data recovery tools, to more sophisticated methods that exceed U.S. Department of Defense standards and protect against advanced electron-microscopy recovery techniques.

“Most people think formatting their drive is sufficient to erase all data, but unfortunately, that information can easily be recovered. Our main focus in introducing this product in India is to keep people safe from identity thieves when they part ways with their old PCs or drives,” said Rajiv Warrier, Managing Director at AV Soft.

Other important uses for DriveScrubber include recovering from system corruption or a disaster stemming from virus or spyware infection. DriveScrubber allows users to completely wipe all remnants of stubborn malware that antivirus or anti-spyware programs may not be able to touch. This process brings the PC’s drives to like-new condition before reinstalling the operating system and any pre-existing programs.

“DriveScrubber is an important tool for anyone who migrates from one system to another, and also for those who sell, give away or donate electronic devices such as PCs and laptops, because it ensures safety of data and excludes any possibility of identity theft that might occur. Being a social responsible company, AV Soft supports re-using electronic devices instead of discarding them which not only helps unprivileged communities get access to technology, but helps reduce the impact of e-waste on the environment,” Rajiv Warrier said.

“By promoting DriveScrubber among potential computer donors, we are making sure that the donors can make their computer donations without having to worry about the safety of their personal data”, he added.

DriveScrubber is now available in India both through a network of channel partners and IT retailers and in the largest online marketplaces.

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