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What Organizations Need in Order to Survive in the Challenging World: Project AIM


Nowadays Automation and Innovation are the buzz words in the industry. In today’s fast changing technology, every organization is in the race for survival. It may be because of peer pressure, ever increasing customer demands or profit and loss statement. Increasing cost, technological enhancement, customer demands are some of the major driving factors for organizations to push for early entrance to market. Are automation and innovation enough to keep an organization moving? From my perspective, the answer is No, that is where the Project “A-I-M” (Automation, Innovation, Motivation) evolves and it has to be embedded in the company’s culture.


What is the standard definition of automation? Anything which can reduce the effort, improve the performance, optimize the cost with better quality constitutes automation. Automation can be applied across all industry verticals be it Automobile, Information Technology, Banking, Insurance, Chemical and so on. Further it can be applied to any individual department like Human Resource, Finance, Communications or Facilities etc. Once organizations or the departments automate the existing process/activities they will see an increase in revenue (directly or indirectly). So how do we achieve this? There needs to be a shift in mindset of the organization (leadership) and also the individuals (team members) from manual to automation, that’s where the world is headed. I think it is also an organizations responsibility to create an innovative culture, which can add value to organization and society to make human life better. Eventually “Automation is nothing but Speed”


Humans have been innovative since ages. If we look at the Stone Age, human beings designed spears to kill animals or protect themselves from then till the recent invention of Robotic Arm Turns Your Digital Doodles into good old-fashioned sketches. Many organizations have started using chat bots to address the regular and day to day queries of end users which reduces cost and time. So let’s start addressing the real time problems which may constitute to innovation. Innovation is the key to success for any organization.


When the word motivation is mentioned, we normally think of INR or Dollar or Euros, but the fact of the matter is yes money matters but it’s only a subset. Motivation factor may vary from individual to individual. Some are motivated for money, power, social status etc. But the real challenge for the organizations is how to get the best out of employees (in terms of innovation and automation). So what are the 5 main factors to be considered to keep employees motivated and achieve the organization goals?

  1. Building the culture of Why (in a positive manner)
  2. Building trusted work environment
  3. Encouraging faster failures
  4. Accept all, Respect all
  5. Building intrapreneurship


By: Srinivas Thimmaiah
Project Manager – InfoSec,
Mercedes Benz R&D India

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