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Airmeet delivers virtual events with authentic in-person connections using Agora’s live interactive video streaming


Airmeet was created as a breakthrough solution where people could listen to seminars, network and share ideas with their peers. The platform even gives event organizers the Real-Time Engagement features and organizational flow needed to execute interactive meetings ranging from small seminars to huge, robust conferences.

Airmeet offers virtual event solutions through the Agora for Startups Program to help bring any event to life. Airmeet developed the events platform quickly, thanks to the ease of Agora’s developer-friendly tools. Agora’s flexible APIs for live interactive video streaming, top-notch developer documentation and world-class support allowed Airmeet to rapidly bring their product to market.

The Power of Real-Time Engagement
People attend events to network and to have relevant conversations with other professionals in their domain.

Previously, virtual conferences and summits only focused on distributing content through online video presentations, without options for attendee interaction. Airmeet is one of the first companies to conceptualize virtual events that have a focus on peer-to-peer connections. Airmeet knows that conferences are not just meant for passively listening to speaker presentations, but instead are valuable for the person-to-person connections they provide.

Anyone can use Airmeet; from small groups to enterprises, the platform is designed for a memorable digitized event experience. With Airmeet’s engagement features, businesses and communities can conduct discussion-filled meetings with in-app features that allow participants to live chat, raise their hands, react with emojis, and implement real-time polls. Likewise, musicians and other performers can bring live productions to their fans worldwide with additional features such as customizable branding, event management, social media promotion and more.

“In the next five years, I am very confident that a large portion of physical events—especially knowledge-focused events—will shift to become massively large hybrid, if not completely virtual events, offering global scale and a personalized experience,” said Lalit Mangal, CO-Founder of AIRMEET

“We chose Agora for three main criteria: As a startup, we wanted good developer documentation and technical support. Agora’s ready-made tutorials were easy to understand and conceptualize. Secondly, the Agora for Startups program was a big motivation for us. Lastly, the auto-scaling feature and quality of experience provided are necessary, especially when dealing with large events.”


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