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Barracuda expands global data protection reach with a new regional data centre in India


Barracuda Networks has announced its new regional Cloud-to-Cloud Backup data centre in India to meet growing demand for data protection services in the country and better serve local customers. The addition also includes two new regional data centres in France and United Arab Emirates (U.A.E). This makes a total of 10 regions for the solution, and customers’ Office 365 backup data will be stored locally within each region, a key requirement for customers operating in regulated industries or in countries with data protection laws.

In a recent study conducted by Barracuda, organizations disclosed that data protection is a security and regulatory concern for businesses in India. A full 87% of respondents in India said they are concerned about data being backed up outside their geography (geo residency), and 94% of respondents in India are concerned about compliance with data privacy requirements.

With India’s Data Protection Bill has been proposed to review the country’s current data protection policies, complying with data privacy standards can be overwhelming amid the exponential digital growth. Customers dealing with strict regulatory, industry, and data requirements can now take advantage of innovative technology from Barracuda to store and restore their data in their own region.

“At Barracuda, we continue to invest in our global infrastructure in order to help local organizations to get access to protection against emerging threats,” said James Forbes-May, Vice President, APAC at Barracuda Networks. “As more organizations move to the cloud, they are looking to protect their data, while being able to handle and store data locally. Microsoft even advises customers to use a third-party backup and recovery provider and with these new regions, we will be able to serve our customers while helping them comply with data regulations and policies.”

Barracuda’s latest version of Cloud-to-Cloud Backup delivers a fast search and restore experience for Office 365 data, including Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Compared to traditional backup and recovery solutions, it is a cloud-first solution that provides scale and resiliency, fast performance, and wide global coverage to protect Office 365 data born in the cloud.

Microsoft’s Asia Security, Compliance, and Identity Leader, Mandana Javaheri adds “Cloud-native solutions provide the benefit of scale and flexibility. Unlike traditional solutions, where capacity management and planning are required, a cloud-native solution, like Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, offers the flexibility, scalability, and capacity needed to store your data.”


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