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TCS Announced Partnership with EBS


TCS announced a strategic partnership with the European Business Summit (EBS). Held annually in Brussels, the EBS is recognized as the foremost platform for dialogue between business and government leaders. Its 2016 edition attracted 2,400 delegates, including eight European Commissioners and the Presidents of the European Commission, European Parliament and European Council.

With representation from over 250 companies, the Summit is designed to provide an engaging exchange of ideas and perspectives. In recent years, Europe has navigated unprecedented challenges posed by the financial crisis, regional conflicts, refugee crises, a changing political landscape and more recently, Brexit.  Questions have been raised about the design of EU institutions and their capacity to adapt to disruptive forces in business, technology and politics. The 2017 Summit will address these challenges and find pragmatic solutions for business and policy leaders through open dialogue.

Themed around “A new Narrative for Europe”, the event will discuss industrial and trade strategy, employment and skills, sustainability and smart cities, amongst a wide range of topics, underpinned by the role of digital transformation in finding new opportunities and addressing existing challenges. This strategic partnership with the EBS is a further component of TCS’ long term commitment to the region and will help propel greater dialogue on key issues facing the business and policy circles in the region.

Amit Bajaj, CEO Europe at TCS, commented: “This year Europe will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome where the European Economic Community was first established. In recent decades the region has seen tremendous growth and prosperity, driven in large part by a progressive and innovative business community. As we look forward there are undoubted challenges ahead but also many opportunities. Probably the single largest opportunity is digital economy where the European Commission estimates growth of €415 billion a year if steps can be taken to support digital business.

He emphasized; “With the fourth industrial revolution bringing forth rapid change across all industries, and digital disruption reshaping entire sectors, it is essential that business and policy leaders come together to find the most inclusive way forward. We are honored to be playing an even bigger part in driving that debate through the European Business Summit.”

With a growing footprint in 16 European countries, TCS works with over 350 leading companies and across the region, helping them evolve to the needs of the digital economy. In addition, TCS supports 220 European universities and schools to build vital digital skills, through training, scholarship programmes and internships. These investments are just one part of the company’s commitment to help foster a vibrant digital economy that helps economies and communities thrive across the region.

Jean de Gheldere, CEO, European Business Summit, commented: “We are delighted to have Tata Consultancy Services as our Official Strategic Partner. Having a partner with a deep understanding of the importance of digital technology and how it can power Europe, will bring huge benefits to our endeavor EBS and, more importantly, help us serve the interests of Europe as a whole.”

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