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Radware Named 2019 WAF and Anti DDoS Vendor of the Year Award by Frost & Sullivan


Radware has been named ‘WAF and Anti DDoS Vendor of the Year’ at Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 India ICT Awards held in New Delhi.

This year, 41 awards were presented across four categories: Enterprise Infrastructure, Emerging Services, Enterprise Telecom Services, and Mobile and Wireless.

“We are honored to receive the second annual WAF award and the first Anti-DDoS Vendor of the Year award from Frost & Sullivan,” said Nikhil Taneja, Managing Director for Radware India. “This tremendous achievement comes from the continued faith of our customers in Radware’s excellence in innovation, technology and people.”

Congratulating Radware on the award, Benoy CS, Vice President, Digital Transformation Practice, Frost & Sullivan, said, “Radware has hybrid DDoS Protection and WAF solutions that adapt to policies automatically as application changes and use device fingerprinting and machine learning based behavioural algorithms to detect threats. In order to protect from today’s sophisticated, advanced DDoS attacks, the company has evolved its industry-leading behavioural-based DDoS protection with advanced machine learning based algorithms, burst attack protection and advanced encrypted attack protection.”

As an industry leader, Radware has earned customer confidence for both its WAF and DDoS mitigation product lines. The WAF solution provides full web security protection including Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 coverage, advanced web attack protection, and zero-day attack prevention. Radware’s Bot Manager provides bot management and protection from sophisticated 4th-generation bots across web, mobile, and APIs.

Radware’s DefenseProDDoS mitigation solution is a real-time, mitigation device that protects organizations against emerging network and applications threats. DefensePro protects the infrastructure against network and application downtime (or slow time), application vulnerability exploitation, malware spread, network anomalies, information theft, and other types of attacks at up to 400Gbps mitigation capacity.

Radware provides flexible deployment options to suit any customer architecture or use case. Radware’s solution can be deployed as an on-premise appliance, cloud service (on-demand/always-on), or in Hybrid deployment (on-demand/always-on) depending on the customer’s needs. Radware works closely with several Indian enterprises from the BFSI, the government, the IT/ITeS sector, as well as other industry verticals.


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