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Blue Prism Launches First RPA Community in India Targeting Global Capability Centers (GCCs)


Blue Prism has launched its online RPA community targeting Global Capability Centers (GCCs) in India.

As multinational corporations look to adopt intelligent automation and new AI capabilities, GCCs can provide technology leadership and drive this transformation.

This is the first RPA community in India completely dedicated to supporting the experts and professionals running GCCs.

The new community aims to provide a forum for its members to share information and learn best practices for deploying and scaling Blue Prism.

India is the preferred destination for setting up GCCs among the world’s leading multinational corporations and the country already has over 1,800 GCCs currently operational.

A recent study by Nasscom and Zinnov has revealed that the global capacity centre (GCC) business in India touched the $28.3 billion mark in 2018-19, with a CAGR of 10 per cent during this period.

India remains a key global priority for Blue Prism as the company remains an RPA leader in the GCC segment. This segment is also a forerunner for implementing large scale Blue Prism connected-RPA solutions in the country.

This announcement falls on the heels of Blue Prism’s acquisition of Thoughtonomy, which will further extend its RPA capabilities on Microsoft Azure while helping out customers in key regions, including India.

Blue Prism India Managing Director Peter Gartenberg said, “GCCs were the first adopters of strategic, enterprise-scale RPA in India, as offered by Blue Prism. We believe India’s GCCs will continue to be strong adopters of our connected-RPA platform and make it a cornerstone for their global digital transformation initiatives.”

According to a report by Gartner, the worldwide robotic process automation (RPA) software revenue grew 63.1 per cent in 2018 to $846 million and is forecast to reach US$1.3 billion in 2019.

“Blue Prism has been building a significant presence in India in order to better serve the GCC community. In order to offer local support, we’ve established our global field operations, which includes customer support, professional services, customer success, academic and sales alliances as well as marketing here in India. The community will not only host separate industry-specific user groups but also facilitate discussions and meet-ups for RPA practitioners, professionals and innovators,” Gartenberg added.

The Blue Prism community allows members to find others with shared RPA objectives and engage with them in real time over topics related to RPA implementations in GCCs. The community also allows members to search and network with other members in the same role, industry or discipline. In addition, members can design and host their own RPA user groups, as well as join webinars or regional events to get product insights. The community will also host latest information on upcoming RPA events, hackathons, and demos.

“Our goal is to promote sharing of RPA best practices and knowledge and guidance transfer with colleagues and peers. The Blue Prism Community will enable its member professionals to both contribute as well as capitalize on ideas that accelerate time to value and maximize return on investment,” said Gartenberg.

Blue Prism was the first RPA vendor to establish a strong user community along with collaborative learning programs. This legacy goes back through the Digital Operations Community (DOC) for RPA leaders, which has expanded worldwide over the past decade, having evolved out of the Operational Agility Forum (OAF), set-up in 2009, and the US-based Robotic Automation Advisory Council (RAAC) created in 2014. Today’s announcement is a continuation of these previous efforts.


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