ISACA Identifies Top Four Technology Issues

New research from ISACA identifies the top four tech issues impacting business strategy. Big data analytics, mobile technologies, cloud computing and machine learning are no longer technology trends relevant only to IT—they are key business opportunities that must be understood and considered by executive leadership when developing business strategies, according to ISACA.

ISACA released today free Innovation Insights guides on these four trends, along with an overview report on the 10 technology issues most likely to affect business strategy. These include Internet of Things,Massive open online courses, Social networking, Digital business models, Cyber security &Digital currency along with the former four.

All four individual trend reports and the overview reportare complimentary download will provide business leaders with actionable insights that will aid their selection of business strategies.

Each of the technologies is assigned an innovation index rating, taking into account resource cost, risk level and benefit level.

“These reports will help companies adopt the right trends for their business as part of their business strategies,” said Jamie Pasfield, chair of ISACA’s Emerging Business Technology Committee. “Leaders who understand emerging trends, innovate around them and integrate them into the fabric of their operations will strengthen their organizations’ competitive advantage, add value to stakeholders and prosper.”


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