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Twitter Fixes Bug that lets Unauthorized Apps Get Access to Direct Messages

Twitter Fixes Bug that lets Unauthorized Apps Get Access to Direct Messages

Back in 2013, the OAuth keys and secrets that official Twitter apps use to access users’ Twitter accounts were disclosed in a post to Github… a leak that meant that authors didn’t need to get their app approved by Twitter to access the Twitter API. Years later, the chickens are still coming home to roost:

Twitter to soon introduce new filters

Twitter to soon introduce new filters  to prevent harassment. In a bid to reduce abuse on Twitter, the microblogging website will introduce new optional filters to prevent a user from being notified when certain accounts tweet at them, a media report said on Thursday. The new filters will also include accounts without profile photos called

Twitter announces live video creation for app users

Twitter announced on Thursday that now anyone can broadcast live video directly from its apps. Powered by Periscope, live video on Twitter allows people to share and experience everything from significant moments to daily life together with an audience – all through a Tweet, the company stated. “We started Periscope because we wanted to give

Twitter partners with IndiaSpend to launch ‘#Breathe’

Twitter India in partnership with non-profit data journalism initiative IndiaSpend have launched ‘#Breathe’, an independent and real-time air quality monitoring public service initiative on Twitter, the company said in a statement. Twitter said millions of Indians across 17 cities can now monitor the air quality they breathe with a single tweet. By tweeting ‘#Breathe’ ,

Twitter goes down for an hour

It’s possibly not a good idea to slow down or not work, especially when you are looking for suitors to sell yourself. It’s certainly been a rough year for Twitter and things are not really looking up for them. Monday morning, the social media networking site faced some technical problem, and it was not trivial.

Twitter Disrupted by DDoS Attack

Twitter, GitHub and several other major websites are inaccessible for many users due to a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on the Managed DNS infrastructure of cloud-based Internet performance management company Dyn. The list of affected websites includes Twitter, Etsy, GitHub, Soundcloud, PagerDuty, Spotify, Shopify, Airbnb, Intercom and Heroku. GitHub has informed users that its upstream

Twitter blocks access to analytics

Twitter has blocked Dataminr from offering analytics around real-time tweets from the social networking site to U.S. intelligence agencies, according to a newspaper report. The social networking company, which provides Dataminr with real-time access to public tweets, seems to be trying to distance itself from appearing to aid government surveillance, a controversial issue after former