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McAfee Study: Social media footprint can jeopardize career opportunities

McAfee Study: Social media footprint can jeopardize career opportunities

40.7% Indians agree that they could get fired for controversial content on their social media channels As working professionals and students look out for new career opportunities, McAfee is urging job seekers to act now to ensure that their social media footprint does not end up having serious professional repercussions. Researching the attitude of Indians

Apple iOS Attack Underscores Importance of Threat Research

By Steve Povolny, Head of Advanced Threat Research at McAfee and Philippe Laulheret, Senior Security Researcher, McAfee Advanced Threat Research The recent discovery of exploit chains targeting Apple iOS is the latest example of how cybercriminals can successfully operate malicious campaigns, undetected, through the use of zero-day vulnerabilities. In this scenario, a threat actor or

Ransomware attacks up 118% in Q1: McAfee

McAfee Labs sees 504 new threats per minute in Q1 2019 McAfee has released its McAfee Labs Threats Report: August 2019 examining cybercriminal activity and the evolution of cyber threats in Q1 2019. McAfee Labs saw an average of 504 new threats per minute in Q1 and a resurgence of ransomware along with changes in

McAfee to Acquire NanoSec to Enhance Capabilities in Cloud Security

NanoSec’s multi-cloud, zero-trust application visibility and security platform further extend McAfee’s CASB and CWPP capabilities McAfee has announced the acquisition of NanoSec, a multi-cloud, zero-trust application and security platform. The acquisition will enable organizations to improve governance and compliance and to reduce risk of their cloud and container deployments. Organizations are increasingly looking to adopt

Be Wary of WhatsApp Messages Offering 1000GB of Free Data

By Gary Davis Chief Consumer Security Evangelist, McAfee Global messaging giant WhatsApp turned 10 years old this year. It’s not unusual for companies to provide loyal customers or members with gifts to show their appreciation during these milestones. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are using this as a ploy to carry out their malicious schemes. According to Forbes,

McAfee announces updates to McAfee MVISION Cloud for AWS

McAfee Integrates Security into the DevOps Process with Validator for AWS CloudFormation McAfee has announced updates to McAfee MVISION Cloud for Amazon Web Services (AWS) that will help customers “Shift Left” with security to preemptively improve compliance and reduce risk within their cloud infrastructure. With McAfee MVISION Cloud, security is pushed earlier into the DevOps

87% of enterprises experience business acceleration from cloud services: McAfee

52 percent of organizations experience better security in the cloud than on-premise IT environments. McAfee has released a special edition of its Cloud and Risk Adoption Report, focused on the business impact of cloud services and how organizations around the world are addressing security gaps to accelerate their businesses with the cloud. Cloud services are

McAfee, AWS Team Up to Offer Cloud-Based Security Solutions

McAfee has launched McAfee Database Security for Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), strengthening the company’s relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and shared commitment to offer cloud-based security solutions. This new product delivers real-time visibility into virtually all database activity, including local privileged user access and offers the ability to monitor and thwart sophisticated

Mcafee Achieves AWS Security Competency Status

McAfee has announced that McAfee MVISION Cloud has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security competency status and received AWS Well-Architected designation for its Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) technology. This makes McAfee the first CASB technology vendor to achieve AWS Security Competency status, demonstrating its technical proficiency and relentless execution to address its customers’ cloud

McAfee launches MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Teams

McAfee has announced McAfee MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Teams, a comprehensive security and compliance integration for Teams. McAfee MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Teams is an extension to the already available comprehensive security solution that McAfee MVISION Cloud has for Microsoft Office 365. This solution nicely complements Team’s capabilities by using a frictionless API-based cloud-native approach