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Malware attacks on the rise

Malware attacks on the rise

There has been a 62% increase in overall malware detections in Q1 compared to previous quarter There has been a massive 62% increase in overall malware detections compared to Q4 2018, according to WatchGuard Technologies’ quarterly Internet Security Report for Q1, 2019. The report also found that cyber criminals are leveraging a wide array of

Gugi Banking Trojan Outsmarts New Android 6 Security

Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered a modification of the Gugi banking trojan that can bypass new Android 6 security features designed to block phishing and ransomware attacks.  The modified trojan forces users into giving it the right to overlay genuine apps, send and view SMS, make calls, and more.  It is spread through social engineering

Delving Deeper to Understand A Cyber Attack

Considering the growing number of advanced cyber attacks, cyber security experts advise CIOs in Asia Pacific to analyse and understand the different phases of a cyber-attack to build better cyber defences in their corporate network. In the past, it was much easier for firewalls to detect significant threats to the network. This was because traffic

Ghost Push malware infects over 150,000 devices in India

In September 2015, Cheetah Mobile Security Research Lab warned Android users against a new type of malware affecting devices called ‘Ghost Push’ – a stubborn Trojan which is nearly impossible to remove. Multiple variants of this dangerous virus have been discovered and so far this malicious code has affected more than 900,000 Android users (ranging

New malware program infects ATMs

Security researchers have discovered a new malware program that infects automated teller machines (ATMs) and allows attackers to extract cash on command. The program is dubbed GreenDispenser and was detected in Mexico. However, it’s only a matter of time until similar attacks are adopted by cybercriminals in other countries, researchers from security firm Proofpoint said.

Wild Neutron Hacker Group Victims

Kaspersky Lab discovered the return of the infamous Wild Neutron Hacker Group also known as “Jripbot” and “Morpho”.In 2013 this group was spotted attacking companies like Apple, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft.In a recent attack the group targeted multiple new companies in 11 countries and territories around the world. Kaspersky Lab products successfully detect and block the malware

New Point of Sale (PoS) malware detected by Quick Heal Labs

Quick Heal Technologies has released its Quarterly Threat Report (QTR) for the second quarter of 2015 (April to June 2015). The report offers a detailed look back at the top malware samples, malware threats and upcoming security trends and takeaways from the quarter over the Windows and Android platforms. With 17 million customers in more than 112 countries worldwide, Quick