PwC India launches Digital Experience Centre

PwC India has launched its Digital Experience Centre (DEC) in Bengaluru. This experience centre provides a unique ecosystem combining the best of industry knowledge, experience in business transformation and creative imagination fueled by people with diverse skill sets. The DEC enables rapid and scalable prototyping which can be tested and deployed to clients within a few days versus the standard industry norm of few months. Thereby bringing in efficiency in terms of time, investment and opportunity cost.


PwC’s Digital Accelerator, DEC brings digital transformation from strategy and innovation through to execution by: helping organisations innovate, identify and move into whitespaces; maximising business value by developing and executing result oriented strategies; creating superior user experiences by understanding and empathising with their needs; providing technology solutions that are scalable and reliable; analysing, benchmarking and developing realistic future roadmap and optimising marketing channels and identifying new growth opportunities for clients.

Recently, PwC’s Seventh Digital IQ Survey 2016 revealed that the Indian companies are shifting their focus towards digital investments. Over 50% of Indian enterprises report spending between 11-20% of their revenues on digital investments. This is higher than the global average of 44% of enterprises . This DEC is a step forward to help organisations be future ready especially at a time when clients are looking at ways to create superior user engagements and take their innovative ideas to the market quickly and in a scalable way.

Ashootosh Chand, Partner-Digital Change, PwC India said, “Digital technologies are impacting industries and businesses alike,with disruption becoming a norm. Enterprises are looking for solutions that will maximize their business value, help them identify missed opportunities and enhance their marketing efforts with direct impact on their goals.The DEC is aimed at providing clients with a periscope to look beyond the current trends and prepare for the future in a more informed environment.”


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