Apple Support arrives on Twitter

Apple launched AppleSupport, an account that tries to solve all problems and offers tips on how to use various Apple devices and services. The account accepts direct messages, so one can send it specific details about the device or private information one don’t want all of Twitter to see. The staff running AppleSupport seem to be taking all problems to DM anyway to avoid clogging the stream with back-and-forth.

The account tweeted instructions on turning standard lists in the Notes app into checklists.The AppleSupport account already has more than 31,000 followers and a few hundred tweets just after the launch.

Twitter is already known as a place for businesses to respond to incredibly public customer complaints, and the network is only making that easier. Just a few weeks ago, Twitter released a feature for businesses to tweet a deep-link to a new DM thread so customers can jump right into a private message, along with a feedback tool for people to rate their customer service experiences. Apple jumping on board is good news for Twitter, and for Apple’s customers.

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