AI is going to be a game changer

EverestIMS team has been working on a deep framework roadmap that will integrate AI into the heart of its offerings, says Satish Kumar V, CEO at EverestIMS Technologies, in an interaction with CIO Axis.

CIO Axis: From the time of parting from DMX Technologies, how has been you journey in India market? What are the recent developments in terms of expansion and growth? (Key tie-ups, associations etc.)

Satish Kumar V: We disengaged from DMX Technologies in October 2017 and formed a new independent and wholly Indian company – EverestIMS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Our first goal was to carve out a new brand identity which resonated with our vision of how wanted to do business and the value that we would bring to our customers. The journey has been one of deep learning, passion, innovation and making it against all odds. Our offerings while catering to multiple horizontals and verticals also has a strong bearing towards the government’s flagship initiative ‘Make in India’ and perfectly resonates with the ‘Digital India’ program.

Some of the key developments:
1.Major projects in almost all telecom’s in India
2.Part of Startup India (Make in India program)
3.Registration to TM Forum
4.Product’s registered under Pink Elephant Certification
5.Company received ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 certifications
6.Entering into Malaysian and mid-eastern markets.
7.Wins in many government projects.
8.Launch of NCCM and UNMS product lines.

CIO Axis: How important is enterprise digital transformation? How is EverestIMS helping enterprise clients to be ahead of the curve?
Satish Kumar V: Today, the phrase ‘digital transformation’ has become ubiquitous and pervades into all realms of an enterprises value chain. Digital transformation is often viewed as an implementation of digital technologies into all areas of business in order to build more sustainable relationships and better understand the needs of customers. At EverestIMS we help our clients to counter the competition by basing our delivery framework around what we call the “Digital Transformation Triad” namely, Customer Experience Digital Transformation, Operational Process Transformation and the Business Model Transformation which we use to rapidly change business paradigms in India and across the world. In fact, digital transformation is now considered to be business transformation. Organizations need a deep-drive partner to help them evolve in addressing the rapidly business landscapes. If one chooses to ignore this, it can be at the enterprises’ own peril.

CIO Axis: Shed us some light on your newly launched/upgraded product portfolio. What are the verticals mostly your products are catered to?
Satish Kumar V: We have recently upgraded our product identity Everest product suite to ‘Infraon product suite’. The name Infraon crystalizes the term ‘Infrastructure Online’ which translates into IT becoming a key driver of business. The brand evolution is part of our strategy targeted to emphasize the strength of our products and lay a foundation for enterprise digital transformation. This is a tool which can be used by businesses across any industry vertical with single or multi-location presence.

Under the Infraon product suite, we offer 5 distinct products.
Infraon IMS – Unified IT Infrastructure Monitoring tool for centralized monitoring of heterogeneous networks spread across multiple locations.
Infraon DESK – A Pink-Elephant Certified IT Service Management tool available as in both on-premises & SaaS models
Infraon IoTMS – A unified and highly scalable platform for securely on-boarding, monitoring and managing IoT systems.
Infraon NCCM – Complete Network Management Tasks Automation. Vulnerability Detection & Remediation with Standard Compliance Reports
Infraon UNMS – Integrates with multiple EMS / NMS for the unified management of multiple technologies like Transport, IP Core & Access Layers.

CIO Axis: AI and IoT are the technologies which will power the future. How are you betting on these technologies?
Satish Kumar V: AI is going to be a game changer. In fact it is already making its presence known in many business strata. AI when viewed from a different perspective it can be actually seen as a forward sequel to the data mining efforts that numerous enterprises have been ingenuously using in the recent past. What is exciting is the specific business use-case scenario for different verticals and how they are driving the different flavours of AI. Each industry presents a unique challenge which results in a different derivative of an AI solution.

Our team has been working on a deep framework roadmap that will integrate AI into the heart of our offerings. In fact we had kept our sights on this target and look forward to delivering the new avatars of our products with the power of AI integrated into them.

With “smart” being a keyword and devices becoming online IoT is gaining ground every day. However what we have observed is that IoT is about building visible and tangible differentiation for the enterprise customers / end user experience. Right now there is very little standardization or pre-defined approach to this and it will continue to be explored in unique ways by each major player. Infraon IoTMS is uniquely poised to fill the void that will develop as users seek to align IoT devices to security, audit and control.

CIO Axis: Among all you technology products, which products have maximum traction in India market? What are the USPs you offer to the client?
Satish Kumar V: Infraon UNMS has been the product with great acceptance and traction. The product is a API based system with caters to user specific needs. Be it a telecom or a Enterprise with complicated integration and monitoring needs, our UNMS portfolio can be adapted to cate to it. With network and infrastructure getting more and more complicated UNMS provides a single plane of glass for the entire infrastructure..

CIO Axis: Does EverestIMS serve government entities? What are your ongoing projects (govt. and non-govt)
Satish Kumar V: In fact Government has been a major horizontal that we have been catering to for quite some time now. The Government in India has been very proactive especially with the Digital India initiative. In fact it is a very exciting time as more and more Government services seek to align themselves with modern technology in giving our economy and citizens a boost into a multi trillion dollar economy.

We have project going on with ISP, data center provides, Manage service provides, telecoms and many such sectors. In the government side we work with nodal and smart city implementation.

CIO Axis: What are your top plans for the rest of the year and roadmap for Industry 5.0?
Satish Kumar V: We will grow more in the lines of providing better digital transformation systems to enterprise and telecoms. From introducing enhanced user experiences to customer in our products to developing AI and ML layer to enhance the predictability of problems in the IT infra our system would be able to cater to much better cost optimization in any organization.


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