ANT MY ERP Solution for SMEs and MSMEs: Optimizing Business Functions Management

ANT MY ERP guarantees elimination of data duplication and provide data integrity
Too many equipment and processes to manage using too many steps, makes it difficult to manage time and business effectively. The best solution to this is automating the entire businesses that can help achieve increased efficiency and profitability.

ANT MY ERP, a SaaS based ERP software, is designed for SMEs and MSMEs to help them automate their business, centralize their data, and give the required control, thus allowing them to focus on business growth.

Talking about venturing into the SME market, Arvind Didwania, Founder of ANT MY ERP said, “IT and automation is the key to success of any business. Indian market is witnessing an increasing demand of high-end software solutions across all market segments that can save time, reduce chances of error and facilitate inter-departmental connectivity. ANT MY ERP has been developed by talking to 100s of Business Owners to understand the requirements of the business in terms of integrating people, processes and technologies across the organisation. It makes automation possible at every level, due to which no human is required in some of the crucial tasks such as making Client Invoice and Challans, Managing Service Calls, etc.”

This tailor-made business process management software allows businesses to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business, and automate all facets of back office functions including stock planning, warehouse management, customer service, sales and marketing – in a single database, application and user interface. By collecting the shared transactional data of a business from multiple sources, ANT MY ERP guarantees elimination of data duplication and provide data integrity.

ANT MY ERP is developed for a niche market and is of great help to the organisations belonging to hardware industry and deal with sales, service, AMC, rental, etc. The strength of the ANT MY ERP lies in some of the inbuilt key features, including ‘Intellectual Challan Management’, ‘Auto-billing’ and ‘Error Free invoicing’, an ‘Online Real-time GPS’ based Technology and transparent client and vendor portal.

Additionally, ANT MY ERP delivers real-time benefits including:
Increased Performance – Allows you to track vital information of business. Helps measure the data from different angles with advance analysis to help businesses take decision and increase the performance of the organisation.
Automate Your Business – Robotic processes, inter-departmental connectivity and many other innovative features facilitates automation of the business easily to achieve increased efficiency and profitability.
Reduce Errors – Data is entered at one place, and then is used in different areas of business management, which removes duplicity and errors, and even saves time that is usually wasted in entering information at multiple places, thereby eliminating manual errors.
Improve Traceability – Traces every asset’s lifecycle from point of entry to usage and cost breakdown, and helps eliminate casual errors, ultimately negatively affecting the bottom line, thus helps achieving increased accuracy and accountability.
Interconnect Departments – Builds information highways between every department and controls data sharing, which forces users to follow the processes and systems. This results into team work and better productivity.
Increase Transparency – Makes it possible to have all stake holders at one page, which helps is achieving greater transparency and make information available at all times to desired people.

The future of work is working anywhere and anytime. ANT MY ERP offers solutions that allow working anywhere, and anytime — empowering business to achieve desired results.