Milind Khamkar, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Sanofi-Aventis

Milind Khamkar
Chief Information Officer (CIO),

I started my professional journey way back in early ninety’s, when automation in enterprise was just crawling. It was BNC connector time, batch processing was prevailing everywhere, technology users had special privileges to operate from fully air-conditioned place with special allowances in some public establishments and IT profession was not that well known. Since then I travelled every automation evolution to reach where I am today. Information and communication technology remains my professional competency and over a period of time I developed domain expertise of Pharmaceutical industry. I am one of the oldest CIO from pharmaceutical world.

Being responsible and accountable for every aspect of Information and Telecommunications aspect for enterprise, Information security became my natural professional choice. It became my life line in profession to ensure I can give most stable technology platform to my users and business at large. Information security is continuously major part of my professional mission.

Seamless proactive adoption of Information security guideline across the all levels of enterprises is one of the biggest challenges. Most of the time is reactive hence post damage correction.

I strongly believe in healthy partnership with most equipped experts when it comes to selective Information Security Outsourcing. I always believe in multiplying my force and strength in specific technology area by doing trusted outsourcing with subject matter experts.

As per my opinion, they are integrated and complement each other. Every private data need security and every secure data should be classified by its privacy information.

Be pragmatic and transparent while promoting your solutions. As security investment is always in unknown hence should be done with clear calculation of Risk vs Security. By information speculation we are spoiling mind set of business users and create barriers for Security investments. Vendors should spend more efforts in giving facts on local user cases rather than western world examples. Vendors should not forget that security is habit, which also linked with culture in which we operate.