FireEye report announces latest cyber threats facing the healthcare industry

The healthcare sector faces a range of cyber attacks and malicious activity. Given the critical role it plays within society and its relationship with our most sensitive information, the risk to this sector is especially consequential. FireEye has launched a report that provides an update on the three types of threat most commonly used against healthcare organisations: data theft, cyber espionage and disruptive & destructive threats.

Interesting points from the report include:

  • There are a large number of healthcare-associated databases for sale online. Our analysts pulled a sample from the last six months, most of which can be purchased for under $2000 dollars. See page 4
  • Medical research organisations — in particular those focused on cancer research — continue to be a focus of multiple Chinese cyber espionage groups. See page 6
  • Healthcare is one of the most retargeted industries by threat groups. See page 2

Click here for more details about the report.

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