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Five Strategies to Defend Against Automated Cyber-Attacks

Five Strategies to Defend Against Automated Cyber-Attacks

Cybercriminals are now using highly advanced automation tools to deploy malware with much greater speed and scale. CISOs in India can no longer rely on a manual approach in cyber defense as cyber-attacks have become automated, riding on escalating infrastructure trends in cloud adoption and encryption. According to Fortinet, hackers have been using automated tools

Addressing the CIO’s Biggest Problem with Cloud Adoption: Skills Shortage

As the adoption of cloud progresses, organizations are maturing in leveraging the cloud to transform the way their business operates and the way their customer’s interact. And as they mature, the CIOs are increasingly facing their biggest bottlenecks yet: skills shortage. Here’s how selecting the right partner can help alleviate the problem. The juggernaut of

Why Indian Companies Are Losing Customers?

Fifty four percent of Indian consumers prefer dealing with human beings over digital channels to solve customer services issues, according to new research from Accenture. The report also found that 88 percent of consumers have switched provider in the past year due to poor customer service, with internet service providers, retailers and banks being the


Electronic Waste: An Issue That Requires Attention

Information technology has brought us all kinds of breakthrough products. Think of a GPS device, which lets you smoothly navigate the world or the computers that form the backbone of any modern enterprise. Unfortunately, Information technology has a flip side to i.e. electronic waste. E-waste The IT industry creates a lot of waste; this is

Allied Telesis Unveils Industry Trends and Predictions for 2016

Allied Telesis announced the release of its annual industry trends analysis and predictions report for 2016.  In summary, the three key trending topics the company unveiled include Secure Enterprise SDN, Wireless and Security and the Internet of Things (IoT). New methods of operating Enterprise networks will be seen in the market to deal with the increasingly diverse demands that are