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AI is going to be a game changer

AI is going to be a game changer

EverestIMS team has been working on a deep framework roadmap that will integrate AI into the heart of its offerings, says Satish Kumar V, CEO at EverestIMS Technologies, in an interaction with CIO Axis. CIO Axis: From the time of parting from DMX Technologies, how has been you journey in India market? What are the

DCIM solutions standard to improve visibility and control 

With a holistic Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution, data center managers can proactively identify operational anomalies before they escalate into problems, says Smrutiranjan Das – Director, ITMS, for Datacenter infrastructure management, Vertiv India, in an interview with CIO AXIS.  CIO Axis: How does DCIM help in managing IT and physical infrastructure for greater efficiency? Smrutiranjan: As

Future of digital automation is very bright in India

In an interview with CIO Axis, Divy Shrivastava, Co-Founder & CEO, Nineleaps, sees a bright future for digital automation in India and identifies the bottlenecks preventing the businesses from achieving digital transformation. Q. How will emerging technologies like machine learning/artificial intelligence, Big Data, IOT, Augmented Reality, Analytics etc will change the fabric of IT organizations?

Having a password strategy as an essential cybersecurity effort

Short, simple passwords take fewer resources for hackers to compromise. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 81% of breaches leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords. That problem is compounded because one of the biggest risks to data security is the reuse of passwords across accounts. CIO AXIS talked to Rajesh Maurya, Regional Vice

Our cyber range is used by enterprises, governments, militaries, MSSPs, and higher education institutions

Today the cyber-attacks are increasing in volume, scale, and sophistication, making it all the more difficult for our cybersecurity professionals to manage an incident when it takes place, security needs to be more sophisticated. Sharon Rosenman, VP-Marketing at Cyberbit, in an interview with CIO AXIS, talks about the challenges that Cyberbit helps businesses to overcome.

Diwakar Dayal, Managing Director, Tenable India

CISOs are Acknowledging and Prioritizing Strong Vulnerability Management

Predictive Prioritization has the potential of changing the way companies run their vulnerability management programs. According to the National Vulnerability Database, there were 16,500 new vulnerabilities disclosed in 2018 alone, of which only a small fraction was actively weaponized for cyberattacks. Predictive Prioritization addresses this problem by enabling organizations to reduce business risk by focusing

Lotte Announces Agreement with IBM

IBM announced it has signed an agreement with the Lotte Group to provide cloud-based IBM Watson solutions to help the Group deliver innovation across the business and become a world-class retail company. Lotte Group represents the country’s largest retailer in a highly competitive retail market and is one of Korea’s top five companies, providing products and

Exclusive Interview: Ankit Anubhav, A Malware Researcher at FireEye India

FireEye, a company, which is committed in finding advanced solutions to prevent advanced cyber attacks, recently conducted a campaign, called ‘Data Stealing Campaigns’. We at spoke to Ankit Anubhav, a Malware Researcher at FireEye India to understand more about this campaign and core objective behind this. 1) What is this data stealing campaigns for?

Interview: Sanjay Kapoor and Sanjai Gangadharan, A10 Networks

We at CIO AXIS, recently spoke to Sanjay Kapoor, VP, Global Marketing, A10 Networks and Sanjai Gangadharan, Regional Director, SAARC, A10 Networks, to understand better the emerging security threat landscape, the current and future trend of advanced sophisticated attacks along with A10 Networs’ vision and mission for India and global security market. Q. DDoS is