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The State of Construction: High Tech + Human Touch

The State of Construction: High Tech + Human Touch

By Gary S. Kaplan, President -North America Construction, AXA XL From the first time early humans made primitive tools to build shelters, there have been construction risks. They built structures to satisfy the universal human need for shelter and little else. But humans developed competitive and creative drives that pushed them to build more elaborate

Cyber attacks on campus: A new breed of cyber criminal targets higher education

By Elissa Doroff, Underwriting Manager, AXA XL Cyber attack, espionage, and ransomware aren’t part of the curriculum; they are the threats that colleges and universities face as more sophisticated cyber criminals target higher education. It was something no one saw coming. In 2002, Yale University’s computer system was hacked. What the hackers accessed: applicant data

Apple iOS Attack Underscores Importance of Threat Research

By Steve Povolny, Head of Advanced Threat Research at McAfee and Philippe Laulheret, Senior Security Researcher, McAfee Advanced Threat Research The recent discovery of exploit chains targeting Apple iOS is the latest example of how cybercriminals can successfully operate malicious campaigns, undetected, through the use of zero-day vulnerabilities. In this scenario, a threat actor or


How vulnerable are you to the new & Sophisticated DDoS Attacks happening daily By Nikhil Taneja Managing Director-India, SAARC & Middle East, Radware Is your organization prepared to detect and mitigate these threats? Is your organization a “botnet” killer? These are some very important questions that need to be addressed by organisations today since the

The Pretenders: Hackers target companies, posing as CEOs and other C-level Executives

By John Coletti, Chief Underwriting Officer, Cyber & Technology- North America, AXA XL In 2017, online digital publications announced the latest threat to consumer safety: hackers using vulnerabilities inside WhatsApp to spread malicious code via files sent using the app. In March 2019, a security researcher announced that a bug in Facebook Messenger gave hackers

Scammers Using Fake TikTok Profiles to Trick Unsuspecting TikTok Users to Sign Up For Adult Dating Websites

By Satnam Narang,  Senior Research Engineer, Security Response at Tenable   TikTok, social media video app popular among teens, has quickly gained 88.6 million new Indian users in the first quarter of 2019 alone. As with any new and popular platform that launches in the market, scammers would always try their luck to manipulate it for personal gains and

Cloud Hosted Services: Some security considerations

By Nikhil Taneja Managing Director-India, SAARC & Middle East, Radware A multi-cloud approach enables organizations to move application services to various public cloud providers depending on the desired service level and price points. Most organizations will use multiple cloud providers; some in addition to their private cloud and on premise deployments. Multi-cloud subsumes and is

Be Wary of WhatsApp Messages Offering 1000GB of Free Data

By Gary Davis Chief Consumer Security Evangelist, McAfee Global messaging giant WhatsApp turned 10 years old this year. It’s not unusual for companies to provide loyal customers or members with gifts to show their appreciation during these milestones. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are using this as a ploy to carry out their malicious schemes. According to Forbes,

C-suit survey shows executives rank customer loss, brand reputation & revenue lost as top 3 impacts on organisation

By Nikhil Taneja Managing Director-India, SAARC & Middle East, Radware Also Turning Infosec into a Competitive Advantage Companies are more connected to their customers now than ever before. After spending billions to digitally transform themselves, organizations have exponentially increased the number of touchpoints as well as the frequency of communication they have with their customer