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Major Bot Threats: CISOs recognise your Enemy

Major Bot Threats: CISOs recognise your Enemy

By Nikhil Taneja, Managing Director-India, SAARC & Middle East, Radware According to a study by the Ponemon Institute in December 2018, bots comprised over 52% of all Internet traffic. While ‘good’ bots discreetly index websites, fetch information and content, and perform useful tasks for consumers and businesses, ‘bad’ bots have become a primary and growing

What Organizations Need in Order to Survive in the Challenging World: Project AIM

Nowadays Automation and Innovation are the buzz words in the industry. In today’s fast changing technology, every organization is in the race for survival. It may be because of peer pressure, ever increasing customer demands or profit and loss statement. Increasing cost, technological enhancement, customer demands are some of the major driving factors for organizations

New Age Banking in India.

From the traditional banks, the new age banking has come a long way offering some exiting solutions from the technological aspect. Read on to know more… Banks in India has come a long way and is now offering exiting solutions from the technological aspects. Banking customers have been provided with the service of downloading the

How Fast is 4G in India

Since the adaption of 4G LTE technology, has Indian telecom sector offering the super fast 4G services to its customers? Read on to know more… Generally speaking, 4G means higher speed in terms of Internet access for the mobile subscribers all over the world. But has Indian telecom companies been able to offer the so


Electronic Waste: An Issue That Requires Attention

Information technology has brought us all kinds of breakthrough products. Think of a GPS device, which lets you smoothly navigate the world or the computers that form the backbone of any modern enterprise. Unfortunately, Information technology has a flip side to i.e. electronic waste. E-waste The IT industry creates a lot of waste; this is