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IoT – The Core of Digital Revolution

IoT – The Core of Digital Revolution

In today’s business, it is obvious that IoT is one of the critical aspects of the digital eco system. CIOs need to realize that IoT is in the beginning process of digital revolution that is yet to be harnessed and implemented. In this digital era, CIOs need to realize that Internet of Things (IoT) is

Seven Major European Banks Select IBM to Bring Blockchain-Based Trade Finance to SMEs

Blockchain network designed to help make domestic and cross-border commerce easier. IBM Blockchain running Hyperledger Fabric Selected for Digital Trade Chain. IBM announced that it has been selected by a consortium of seven of Europe’s largest banks to build and host a new trade finance platform based on IBM Blockchain powered by Hyperledger Fabric. The

Addressing the CIO’s Biggest Problem with Cloud Adoption: Skills Shortage

As the adoption of cloud progresses, organizations are maturing in leveraging the cloud to transform the way their business operates and the way their customer’s interact. And as they mature, the CIOs are increasingly facing their biggest bottlenecks yet: skills shortage. Here’s how selecting the right partner can help alleviate the problem. The juggernaut of

Ransomware Doubled in Second Half of 2016

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., today released its H2 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Trends, revealing that ransomware attacks doubled during the period.  Out of all recognized malware incidents globally, the percentage of ransomware attacks increased from 5.5% to 10.5% between July and December 2016. The H2 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Trends Report highlights the key tactics

Deloitte Advisory profiles 10 risk trends in 2017

As increasingly more leaders realize risk is no longer a hazard to fear and avoid, but instead a performance-driver and value-creator worth embracing, Deloitte Advisory explores 10 risk trends likely to continue through 2017 in its new “Future of Risk” report. “Organizations that enhance their brand in the marketplace, disrupt through innovation, and execute with

New AI system to extract data from the internet

Scientists have developed a new artificial intelligence system that can more effectively extract data from the vast wealth of information present on the internet. The data necessary to answer myriad questions – about, say, the correlations between the industrial use of certain chemicals and incidents of disease, or between patterns of news coverage and voter-poll

Better DR Strategy Can Save Your Business Big Way

On Sunday, April 17, 2016, the officials at Dhule & Nandurbar District Central Co-operative Bank Limited were thrown into turmoil when they saw fumes coming out of the windows of their Head office. The fire started at around 8:30 am on the third and fourth floor of the bank where the corporate offices were located.

Shadow IT Poses Serious Security Challenges

CIOs today are not accounting for how their network is actually accessed. A single user may be logged on through multiple devices: a phone, a tablet, and a laptop. There could also be myriads of devices on the network that IT doesn’t even know about. According to Fortinet, the global leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions,