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Organisations in India are Dedicating More Budget to Cybersecurity

Organisations in India are Dedicating More Budget to Cybersecurity

Despite increased spending, Palo Alto Networks study revealed 41 per cent of companies in India have lost over 64 lakhs in the current financial year. Palo Alto Networks, the next-generation security company, today announced the results of its report entitled ‘The State of Cybersecurity in Asia-Pacific’, which revealed that cybersecurity budgets have increased for 92

Fortinet Report Unveils Advanced Methods Adopted By Cyber Criminals

Fortinet recently announced the findings of its latest Global Threat Landscape Report covering Q4 2016. The research reveals that 50% of malware exploits in India occurred in the last 3 months of 2016. With India moving towards a cashless digital economy the last two weeks in December, 2016 recorded a very high level of threat

Multiple Smart Components Are Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Kaspersky Lab researchers examined a number of digital kiosks and interactive terminals used in modern cities for different purposes – from paying for different services through to entertainment – and discovered that a lot of them contain vulnerabilities that can expose private user data and be used to spy or spread malicious code. Along with

Delving Deeper to Understand A Cyber Attack

Considering the growing number of advanced cyber attacks, cyber security experts advise CIOs in Asia Pacific to analyse and understand the different phases of a cyber-attack to build better cyber defences in their corporate network. In the past, it was much easier for firewalls to detect significant threats to the network. This was because traffic

Passwords continue to be a security problem

Ten CISOs from across industries have predicted that the days are numbered for the password as the sole authentication method. They see enterprises moving to augment or supplant the traditional password with advanced technologies, such as biometrics. Security Current, an information and collaboration company, talked with various CISOs to find that they agree that passwords

Is Your Cloud Security Model Effective Enough?

The movement to cloud often creates its own infrastructure management challenges. And in the case of security, it can lead to less than ideal architectures for managing the growing array of threats. This article attempts to find out most effective architecture to secure the cloud.   One undeniable fact about the cyber-security threat landscape is

McAfee Labs Present Threat Evolution Report

Intel Security released its McAfee Labs Threats Report: August 2015, which includes a critique of graphics processing unit (GPU) malware claims, an investigation of the top cybercriminal exfiltration techniques, and a five-year retrospective on the evolution of the threat landscape since Intel Corporation’s announcement of the McAfee acquisition. McAfee Labs commemorates the five-year anniversary of

Stealing Information from Data Centers

With data centers hosting critical applications and data, what are some of the security risks that can impact the business and operations? Author in this article has discussed five major ways, hackers can use to steal information from data centers.   From data stealing malware and spam to phishing attacks, viruses, bots, and more –

Fortinet hosts India VIP Customer Forum in Athens

Fortinet conducted its third edition of India VIP Customer Forum in Athens, Greece. Over 80 CIOs and senior IT decision makers from India and SAARC, spanning  key verticals like IT, BFSI, e-commerce, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and media, attended the event held from15th to 19th July 2015. The VIP Customer Forum 2015 presented a platform where CIOs

‘Organizations Must Evaluate Their Identity Security Policy’

We recently interviewed Swapnil Mehta, EVP, Products, North America, Aurionpro Solutions Ltd, to understand their security outlook and strategies to enable organizations protecting corporate data. In this interview, he has shared his thoughts and views regarding effective security policy and solution implementation in an organization.   Q) Security is an on-going process. How should organization justify