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Shashank Patkar Takes Over as Geometric CFO

Shashank Patkar Takes Over as Geometric CFO

Geometric Ltd. announced that the company’s erstwhile Chief Mentor, Mr. Shashank Patkar will take over as the Chief Financial Officer and Global Head of Finance effective February 9th, 2015. Mr. Patkar takes over from Mr. Neeraj Dutt, who has decided to leave for personal reasons. Shashank Patkar has been a part of the Geometric group

Getting the CFO-CIO Relationship Right

Getting the CFO-CIO Relationship “Right”

Technology’s critical role in organizations, the opportunities and risks of social media and the growing threat of cybersecurity are forcing CFOs and CIOs to work more closely together than ever before. The CFO-CIO relationship, however, can be bumpy and fraught with miscommunication, misunderstandings and missed expectations. “Technology is rising to the forefront of many business

All Roads Lead to Climate Risk

Alexa Brown, CFO, Revento DeKameto LLC Lloyd’s, Swiss Re, and others in the insurance industry have been shouting from the rooftops for years: Climate change is a reality and we’d better start dealing with it. And that’s coming from the conservative insurance industry. Climate change may be a political issue, but when it comes to